Queer Dissent: Visualising Protest in the Age of Illiberalism

‘Queer dissent: Visualising Protest in the Age of illiberalism’ is a three-day conference to be held at Uppsala University, January 30 - February 1, 2019. 
The conference will bring together world-leading researchers, artists, media practitioners, and policy makers, to investigate the politicization of queer identities and construction of queer dissent as a form of resistance to the illiberal regimes. For the purpose of this conference, we focus on four countries: Hungary, Poland, Russia and Turkey.
The conference’s objectives are: 1) to identify principal areas of cultural production, where the issues of queer visibility and invisibility are staged, performed and discussed; 2) to understand the forms of politicization of gender and sexuality, especially non-heteronormative sexuality, in countries with illiberal regimes; 3) to review and re-assess existing theories of gender, sexuality and queerness in the context of repressive regimes in neoauthoritarian states; 4) to evaluate transnational dynamics of queer dissent; 5) to prepare and disseminate a policy document that will inform policy makers, NGOs and Western governments about forms of repression and
queer resistance in these countries. The conference will give a higher research profile to the transnational dimension of cultural dissent and provide valuable consideration for the general conservative turn, elements of which are evident in European politics, culture and society.

For more information about the conferernce, please contact Dr. Maria Engström: maria.engstrom@moderna.uu.se