Academic leave of absence and study break

study break from a freestanding course

If you are registered in a freestanding course and want to leave the course, or make a study break and resume your studies later, you can inform the departmental office or the study counsellor that you want to make a study break. It qualifies as an early break if done within three weeks from the course start, in which case you can apply for the course later via

If you wait longer than three weeks from course start you will not be able to apply for the course anew. You can however contact the department directly to be re-registered in a later semester. This option is only available if there is an empty place in the course, new students are given precedence.

Study break from a programme

If you are registered in a programme and need to make a break during your studies, you must apply for an academic leave of absence from the department to have a guaranteed place on the programme after the break. If you make an unannounced interruption of studies, you have no guaranteed place to resume your studies.

Contact us

Please contact the departments study counsellor or the departmental office if you are considering a study break or leaving your studies.

Academic leave of absence and study break at Uppsala University